Thursday, April 17, 2014

Its happening again ...

They make fun of me of course.  I would too.  I've run my last 100 at least 7 times now.  Or I should say, my last attempt at running my last 100 7 or so times now.  I think I've started 9 and finished 4.  I'm out of balance.  I like all my coffee cups hanging on the hooks the same way.  my toiletries are aligned, books on the shelves are straight (oddly enough I can not abide by a desk 90 or 180 degrees in a room).  They make fun of me for that too.  I've never really grown out of being made fun of I guess.  Do any of us?  do we progress beyond kindergarten ?  do we?  I'm still running willy nilly through the woods.  still ride my bike.  i like campfires, building things and dogs and hugs and I still get made fun of.  Sound's just like Mrs. Doro's class to me.

So I can't run Kettle this year because I signed up for the Lutsen 99er last September 9thish - or the day I felt like I should be running Sawtooth.  The Lutsen 99er is a 99 mile mountain bike race at the end of june - 2 or 3 weeks after kettle.  So I signed up for the Trek 100 to get ready.  It's the same day as Kettle.  If I ran Kettle - 1) I'd not bike before then and 2) my feet would be swollen for weeks after so 3) the Lutsen 99er would be painful and we all know I like to be the smiley runner at the end of every race (right - I do not win them - that would entail too much pain).

But - I've been thinking.  Sawtooth would really be just like an awesome hike right.  I't can't be that bad and I love it up there.  i just need someone to pace me at night when its so scary and dark and howly with wolves.... And - as noted - I am out of balance, 4 of 9 and all.  plus the Dutch Kettle is only a 1/2 this year - hardly worth the effort.  So - I'd like to sign up or think about signing up.  And - I need to decide soon because ultra-running is becoming way way too popular and requires so much planning ahead.

So - do i sign up now and maybe not run it.  I'd be made fun of.  Do I not sign up and then feel remorse in September (or would it be relief?)?  If I did sign up - I could'nt quit at 42 again just because Kevin did and it was so scary and dark and Allison had a car (that was one of the times I was so happy to know I was never running another 100 .... I think there may have been a video made as well ....).

Boy-O-Boy the pressure is on ...

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  1. Allison and I (and our car) will be at Sawtooth this year...see you there...